BON4 PLUS Silicone Chastitycage

BON4 PLUS Silicone Chastitycage

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BON4 PLUS Silicone Chastitycage

We have developed the second generation of the male silicone BON4 chastity devices and we are very proud to present this device to those who are serious about male chastity. Because all the BON4's come with standard 4 different sizes of very flexible silicone back rings it will fit as good as anybody.

2 Silicone cages 88mm and 110mm
 Internal cage length: 65 mm and 88 mm
 Cage opening diameter: 32 mm and 35 mm
 4 Different silicone back rings
 4 Nylon pins
 4 Strong plastic belts
 10 Individually numbered plastic seal locks
 2 Top quality pad locks


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CB extra: Spare plastic lock 1 pc CB extra: Spare plastic lock 1 pc
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