The revolutionary Easy-Mix lubricant: Fuck / Fist and Lust Powder is a white powder for extremely inexpensive, but very slippery water-based lubricant with no preservatives or other additives.

It's very simple: For 5 g Fuck Powder rich approximately 500 ml of warm water.

1. For giving a cap of the powder into a sealable bowl or blender.

2. Stir in warm water. Boiled water (sterile) let it cool because hot water can be muddy the lubricant.

3. Close the container and shake vigorously or mix until a soft gel.

4. Important: Mix approximately 7 - 10 Monuten let it rest, then shake again.

5. Now Fuck Powder is clear, fully developed and ready to use for about 24 hours.

Determine the right mix and consistency of the lubricant itself - just experiment! Due to its enormous lubricity ideal for Fistingspiele or when using larger sex toys. Fistpowder is condom safe, odorless and tasteless and hypoallergenic. Ranges according to the manufacturer for the production of about 9 liters of lubricant.

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